The AGSTP Certification Program and its Benefits

The Association of GST Professionals (AGSTP) acts as an expert third party to certify individuals as knowledgeable professionals in Goods & Services Tax. As a non-profit organization, AGSTP’s goals are to grow the formal recognition of a profession, enrich the knowledge and practice of the Goods & Services Tax, and to support career development for Professional Accountants throughout India. As with other professions, certifying bodies assist in codifying knowledge and documenting that individuals meet requirements by providing rigorous examinations that confirm the individual’s competency in a subject area. The AGSTP certification is a public and visible endorsement of an individual’s ability to apply the Goods & Services Tax to the many challenges facing businesses, non-profits, governments and NGOs today. Any AGSTP member can take the certification exams and each certification is valid for three years from the date you pass the exam. The following groups of individuals will find certification highly beneficial.

Career Seekers and Students:-

Organizations are seeking individuals who can deliver top line GST Compliance. Certification is one way to stand out from the crowd and bring attention to your abilities and knowledge.

Executives and Managers:-

They are tasked with creating and embedding the capability to follow a GST Compliance System which include Registration, Filing of Returns, Payment of Taxes, Assessment etc.

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs:-

Who need to bring to their workforce a higher capability in applying the Goods & Services Tax and to help reduce the risk in the hiring process by making a certification part of their decision process.


A Consultant should be competent to analyze the impact of various alternatives and may provide required guidance and advisories in the best interest of for their clients.

Tax Officials:-

Officials have to do ensure that the benefit of GST is passed to the Government by the Assessee and he must be ready with the full data to resist any dispute.

Trainers & Training Institutions:-

They play a significant role by providing quality training with globally recognized certification to ensure best career for their students.